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Three Times Our University Parking Services Saved The Day

There are many reasons that higher education institutions in the UK might make use of our parking services. Parking shortages, campus redevelopments, parking enforcement problems, old or broken machinery…we’ve seen most things.

Even so, there are three instances where our experience and knowledge of the parking industry made a huge difference:

  • We Saved Them a Fortune

    One semi-rural university we helped had an inkling that they were having problems with students, staff and visitors not paying for parking. When we investigated, we found that the institution was suffering from a loss of almost £200,000 a year in unpaid parking charges. A review of all payment machinery parking charges and parking enforcement soon showed them how to get back on track. Compliance audits highlighted the issues and provided robust data to support our recommendations.

  • We Calmed the Chaos

    One city centre university that asked us for help was suffering from a crippling shortage of parking as there was very little space available onsite. We were able to help them overcome their parking shortages for staff through the use of better demand management, implementation of needs-based assessment criteria, reviewing the layout of their car parks and by providing friendly and helpful communication to their employees.

  • We Helped Them Redevelop the Site

    Let’s face it; surface car parking takes up a huge amount of room that could be better used for lecture theatres, research laboratories, halls of residence or even offices. That was the case at one northwest institution where we were able to help them manage university car parking while they were rebuilding large parts of the site.

  • If any of these problems sound familiar (or if you’re struggling with something we haven’t mentioned; we’ve handled most things at The Parking Consultancy), why not give us a call? We’re happy to chat about how our university parking services can help you manage your site better.

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