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Broken-down payment machines lose you money.  Malfunctioning barrier systems cause complaints.  Out-of-date software and apps can cost you huge amounts of staff time and cause you major headaches.

Choosing good quality, reliable, appropriate suppliers for your hardware and technology is critical to the success of your car parking operations.

Thankfully, our many years of experience in the parking industry, our independence from suppliers and our drive to know about every cutting-edge development coming onto the market, mean that we are perfectly placed to advise you on the best hardware and technology for your car park.

Over the last three years we have advised clients on:

  • Access control hardware;
  • Payment machines and mechanisms;
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology;
  • Real time car parking occupancy and guidance systems;
  • Payment and pre-booking apps;
  • Car share apps;
  • Additional car parking capacity solutions; and
  • Permit processing software.

Not only that, but our experience in the industry means that we are ideally suited to advise on the best routes to procurement for your organisation, including the various specialist car parking public procurement frameworks that are available.

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