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To say that car parking is an emotive issue is something of an understatement.  People associate their freedom to park with their freedom to move; if that is being taken away people feel that they are losing something greater than just a parking space at work.

We understand the complexities of parking and mobility.  Our consultants have worked at hospitals and universities undergoing huge changes and we know that people get upset when it comes to changes to Parking Policy.

We also know how to help.

Car Parking Consultancy

One acute hospital that we have recently worked with was investigating the possibility of introducing parking charges as a way to raise funds to provide much-needed improvements to their existing parking facilities and wider estate.  Understandably, staff were concerned at just how much the parking charges might cost.

Through an in-depth consultation using many different channels of engagement, we quickly turned the conversation around from angry shouting to a tentative acceptance that reasonable charges were required and would enable the Trust to deliver welcome improvements to parking and the hospital estate as a whole.

If you need to hear the views of your users and stakeholders, both internal and external, we can help.

TPC’s consultation and engagement services including:

  • Developing Communication and Engagement Strategies;
  • Engaging key stakeholders through focus groups, open forums and one to one meetings;
  • Exhibition and engagement stands;
  • Online and paper-based surveys; and
  • Social media campaigns.

The Parking Consultancy


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