Research and Evaluation

Our knowledge of car parking problems and remedies has been earned through years of real-world experience.  Equally, our recommendations are based on finding out what is really happening in your car parks, rather than relying on guesswork and assumptions.

We know that every car park is different; our first step to understanding yours is a simple conversation about the issues you are facing and a free site visit so that we can see the problem for ourselves.

Car Parking Problems and Solutions

After that, the research that we need to undertake depends on your site and the difficulties you have.  Our most common services include:

  • A comprehensive site audit, to evaluate the fabric of your car park, signage, access control hardware, payment machinery, pedestrian access and mobility infrastructure.
  • Evaluation of enforcement, because a fair but firm approach to managing your car park is absolutely essential to running it successfully.
  • Vehicle counts, to understand the flow of traffic at peak times.
  • A review of permit management, so that we can make sure that the right people have access to the right parts of your car park/estate at the right times.
  • Interviews and questionnaires so that we can understand the needs of your stakeholders and the users of your car park.
  • Consultations where large-scale changes are about to happen.
  • Benchmarking against similar sites and local car parks, so that your pricing maximises your income while remaining fair and acceptable to your users.
  • Analysis of existing data to make sure that we fully understand everything from shift patterns to running costs.

And anything else that we might need to make sure that we are offering the right solutions to the car parking problems you are experiencing.


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