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4 Things That We’ve Learned From Managing NHS Parking in The UK

You might think that clinical service delivery generates the most complaints at a hospital. That may be true but the things that get most people hot under the collar are the car parking problems that occur before they even get to their appointment.

Hospital parking in the UK has been contentious for a long time now. Parking charges, parking shortages, enforcement, parking in restricted areas and site congestion are all things that generate customer complaints.

Intuitively, many NHS Trusts choose to ignore people parking in the wrong places or neglecting to pay, in the hope of keeping everyone happy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Here at the Parking Consultancy, we know from years of experience of managing hospital parking that you need to be robust yet equitable when it comes to hospital parking. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Car Parking Charges Are The Norm

    Almost every Acute Hospital Trust in England has introduced parking charges at their site. With the average multi-storey parking space costing £10,000 to provide and £1,000 annually to maintain, how can you afford not to?

  • Parking Enforcement Need Not Be a Bad Word

    Parking enforcement might seem harsh, but in a culture where people feel they can park anywhere you risk losing control of your site very quickly. And that’s just bad for everyone.

  • Permit Management is Critical

    Chances are, you don’t have enough spaces for every single member of your staff. So if everyone gets a permit, they are just going to get more and more frustrated as they circle the car park looking for spaces that just aren’t there.

  • Car Park Management is Being Cruel to be Kind

    Taking control of your parking might seem like grasping a nettle, but the truth is that managing hospital parking properly improves everyone’s experience. Here at The Parking Consultancy we have the experience and know-how to help you properly manage yours. Why not contact us for an informal chat about how we can help you solve your parking problems?

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