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Why Your Business Needs a Travel Plan

Single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) have increased significantly over the last 2 decades and this has resulted in rising pollution levels and the need to implement Low Emission and Clean Air Zones in many major cities throughout the U.K. Reducing SOVs is necessary not only to control pollution but to minimise the contribution that transport makes to climate change. Businesses and organisations need to consider their impact on the transport network, as well as their employees, visitors, and customers. A comprehensive Travel Plan will not only help your organisation’s to reduce its carbon footprint and contribution to air pollution, it can also bring a range of benefits to your organisation and users! Get in touch with top travel planners in the UK to develop a Travel Plan for your business.

Benefits of Having A Good Travel Plan for your Businesses

Travel Plans are aimed at promoting and enabling more sustainable travel. The benefits of a good Travel Plan for businesses are multifold. It is an opportunity for an organisation to pull together a lot of ideas and initiatives to make sustainable modes of travel to your organisation, viable and attractive. A Travel Plan can reduce costs, improve your environmental performance, help build a good reputation and help staff save time and money whilst getting healthier along the way. A good Travel Plan is also an opportunity for businesses to aid the local economy by helping people get to where they need to be efficiently, access services and to spend locally.

Invest in Something More Important than a New Parking Space

When there's a limit on how many vehicles you can have on-site and you don't want to create additional parking provision that is not consistent with your environmental ethos, you need to develop a Travel Plan. It can cost upwards of £3000 per space for surface parking or £10,000 per space for multi-story parking provision. There is also the opportunity cost of the land that parking occupies to consider which could be better utilised developing your estate or providing ancillary services. National and international research shows that by providing more parking, you simply induce demand and before not very long your extended parking provision is again full to capacity. The key is in demand management by providing sustainable alternatives to driving to site by car and striking the balance between those staff and users that really need access to a vehicle to travel to your organisation and perform their duties and those that could be encouraged to change their behavior through a well-supported and dynamic Travel Plan.

Every Business Needs A Unique Travel Plan

Having a coordinated approach to travel that is recognised by all staff members within an organisation is the key issue. You need a well thought-through Travel Plan with accurate and up to date travel data from your users, to understand where resources are best targeted to achieve the greatest modal shift away from single occupancy car use. Though a Travel Plan is a good strategy for any business, every organisation needs to have a unique plan that best suits their requirements. Get in touch with top travel planners in the UK to develop a travel plan that is just right for your business.

TPC have already worked with lots of businesses and organisations to develop Travel Plan and we have over 40 years’ combined experience in the field. Want to know how you can go about it? Contact The Parking Consultancy today!

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