The Parking Consultancy

Ade Collins

Senior Consultant

Ade’s career highlights include:

Inspired by research from the Netherlands, Ade wrote his first Travel Plan back in 1995, when travel planning was still in its infancy in the UK. Since then he has spent many years doing everything from delivering cycle training all the way up to producing the Local Transport Plan for Greater Manchester.

The Parking Consultancy
  • Writing, delivering and evaluating Travel Plans for local authorities and hospitals.
  • Offering one-to-one advice to employers and schools of all shapes and sizes across Greater Manchester, from a simple chat to undertaking full travel surveys, analysing that data and recommending the best measures to use and the modal shift those measures are likely to achieve.
  • Starting the first online peer network for Travel Co-ordinators in the UK.
  • Creating an award-winning suite of resources to help schools and employers to make a success of their own Travel Plans.
  • Being invited to lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University, chair national seminars and being elected as Director of the Association for Commuter Transport.
  • Working on a ground-breaking Sustainable Tourism Travel Plan in the Lake District.
  • Writing the sustainable transport element of the successful £3.2bn bid for Transport Innovation Fund money from the Department for Transport.

Ade has also dedicated a great deal of his time working on marketing and communications, to better promote sustainable travel.